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Payment Methods

Accept google pay , western union ,zelle ,venmo ,Paypal ,credit card , bank transfer 

1.Google Pay

 Open the Google Pay Send app or go to
    Account : [email protected]
    Name :George Ooi  
After u paid, tell me your shipping address and phone to my contact way :
    Email:[email protected]

2.Western Union(more 5% discount)

Western Union
    Zelle account: [email protected] 
    Receiver name :Luo Bing
Just download an zelle app , and do it on phone :Best price ,no fee and instant
After pay , plz contact me imessage or whatsapp or Email to provide your name and address (contact way are on page of website) 

4:Venmo (Highly Recommended):

Credit card

    best price
    easiest (do it on phone,only 2minutes )
    no fee
How to pay?
Scan the picture below
After pay , plz contact me imessage or whatsapp or Email to provide your name and address (contact way are on page of website)
5.Taobao Payment(very fast and easy)
Pls pay ****CNY to this link: 

After you pay, pls send us your payment pics, then we will check your payment and process with your order

6:Bank Transfer 
   Beneficiary's Name:ChenSiRu
   Account No:6217856400017945362
   Address:No.136 Wu Si Road,Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China, PRC
   phone number:18059904513

Credit card

7:Paypal Gift 
Pls choose "gift"opition. If not, we will return money back to you
contact me following to get paypal account:
    Email:[email protected]

8.Credit card: We accept Credit Card, Visa, MasterCard, JCB cards and more secure payments.

Credit card

9. Money Gram(very fast) Western Union

Money Gram money transfer is safe, fast and convenient. If you use this way to transfer money,
Prices will be lower, and funds are usually available within minutes.
You can simply click to get more information.

Our moneygram address(cash pick up at any agent location):

First Name : Linglong
Last Name : Li
Address : DONGGUAN, GUANGDONG , China(City:DONGGUAN, Province: GUANGDONG ,Country:China)
Zip Code : 523000
Phone : +86 13322223333

We will offer you 4% more discount if you choose money gram
If you have sent the money, please email us your money gram reference number and your sender name.